About Propel

Propel helps companies achieve product success by connecting the people, systems and processes needed to deliver products from concept to customer. They are bringing forward their vision for a single source of truth for product success, reconciling disparate systems and processes into one flexible platform for product creators and manufacturers everywhere.


Site map & IA
UX & Wireframing
User Journey Mapping
Design Expression



In order to become the leader in their industry , they need to evolve the way they’re perceived, and powerfully communicate the value they deliver.

They were seeking a partner who could lead them to innovative ideas and solutions; who could help them take full advantage of the traffic coming to their site.


Our goal was to design a website that aligns with their target market, creates instant credibility & trust, and ultimately does its job of generating as much business as possible.

Outcomes of a successful project:

A website that positions Propel as the undisputed leader in their industry. A website that facilitates user friendly, high converting journeys for key audience segments.




Brand identity, audience segmentation, user personas, & journey mapping

UX Strategy:

Information architecture, sitemap, page templates, & wireframes


Aesthetic direction, template design, UI, dev hand-off, & QA



With this new website, Propel unequivocally earns the perception as the leading brand in their industry. Not only that, they now have a website engineered to facilitate seamless buyer journeys for their key target audiences, boosting conversions that impact the bottom line.


Added action color, Discovered need for ‘how to buy’ page, Identified key segments and designed custom buyer journeys

“We needed a team that could keep up with our demand and deadlines while providing professionalism, curiosity, innovative ideas and excellent communication skills throughout the entire project. Prismonde exceeded our expectations on all accounts. They took the time to fully understand our brand and messaging and worked with us every step of the way to ensure a high-quality product at the finish line. Prismonde was able to achieve our vision and then some while providing amazing guidance and insight throughout the whole process.”

– Allyssa Eclarin, Head of Product