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Alexander Duran

Design Strategist

Alexander Duran is a design strategist with a knack for innovation. A graduate of SJSU with a BA in Design Studies, and an Emerging Leader of the Unschool of Disruptive Design, he has spent the last three years in R&D, creating strategic frameworks based in cognitive science. He is merging his passion for design, people, and problem-solving, to make business more human.

Alexandria Maldonado

Behavior Design Strategist

Alexandria is an experience designer specializing in behavior design. Graduated top of her class with a BA in Design. She has lead projects with clients such as Facebook, Epson, Aternity, LinkedIn and Propel PLM at top agencies in the Silicon Valley. Her mission is to transform the corporate environment and the way leaders engage with their employees.

Damien Foord

Strategic Advisor

Damien Foord is an Air Force veteran and creative entrepreneur who has advised hundreds of brands in the Silicon Valley—including LinkedIn, Adobe, and Tesla, to name a few. He is a cofounder of Prismonde, applying cognitive science to business strategy and brand development. He speaks on organizational identity and human-centered innovation.